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Grenada Hotels

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Grenada (pronounced “Grenayda”), the most southerly of the Windwards, has two dependencies in the Grenadines chain, Carriacou and Petit (often spelt Petite) Martinique. They, and a number of smaller islets, lie north of the main island. The group’s total area is 133 square miles. Grenada itself is 21 miles long and 12 miles wide. Grenada is described as a spice island, for it produces large quantities of cloves and mace and about a third of the world’s nutmeg. It also grows cacao, sugar, bananas and a wide variety of other fruit and vegetables. Some of its beaches, specially Grand Anse, a dazzling two-mile stretch of white sand, are very fine. The majority of the tourist facilities are on the island’s southwest tip, but the rest of the island is beautiful, rising from a generally rugged coast to a spectacular mountainous interior. The highest point is Mount St Catherine, at 2,757 feet. The island seems to tilt on a Northeast-Southwest axis: if a line is drawn through ancient craters of Lake Antoine in the Northeast, the Grand Étang in the central mountains and the Lagoon at St George’s, it will be straight. Northwest of that line, the land rises and the coast is high; Southeast it descends to a low coastline of rias (drowned valleys). The island is green, well forested and cultivated and is blessed with plenty of rain in the wet season.

The population of some 98,400 (of which 5,726 live on Carriacou and Petit Martinique) is largely of African (85%) or mixed (11%) descent. In contrast to other Windward Islands which have had a similar history of disputed ownership between the French and English, the French cultural influence in Grenada has completely died out. Nevertheless, it is a predominantly Catholic island, though there are Protestant churches of various denominations, and a Baha’i Centre. Many people who emigrated from Grenada to the UK are returning to the island and are building smart houses for their retirement which are in stark contrast to the tiny, corrugated iron shacks which are home to many of their countrymen. The population is very young; 38% are under 15 years old and nearly 26% are in the 15-29 years’ age bracket.




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