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Jamaica City Hotels

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2: Searching for hotels in Jamaica. To locate your hotel, click on one of the blue links below. Or try one of vacation packages to Jamaica.

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Jamaica lies some 90 miles south of Cuba and a little over 100 miles west of Haiti. With an area of 4,244 square miles, it is the third largest island in the Greater Antilles. It is 146 miles from east to west and 51 miles from north to south at its widest, bounded by the Caribbean. Like other West Indian islands, it is an outcrop of a submerged mountain range. It is crossed by a spectacular range of mountains reaching 7,402 feet at the Blue Mountain Peak in the east and descending towards the west, with a series of spurs and forested gullies running north and south.

Jamaica has an impressive variety of attractions to entice the visitor: tropical beaches (the best beaches are on the north and west coasts, though there are some good bathing places on the south coast too) and magnificent scenery with a fascinating blend of cultures from colonial Britain and African slavery with its rhythm and Rastafarianism.

Over 90 % of Jamaicans are of West African descent, the English settlers having followed the Spaniards in bringing in slaves from West Africa. Because of this, Ashanti words still figure very largely in the local dialect, which is known as Jamaica Talk. There are also Chinese, East Indians and Christian Arabs as well as those of British descent and other European minorities. The population is approximately 2.5 million. There is considerable poverty on the island, which has created social problems and some tension. Jamaicans are naturally friendly, easy going and international in their outlook (more people of Jamaican origin live outside Jamaica than inside; compare the Irish). There is a ‘Meet the People’ program which enables visitors to meet Jamaicans on a one-to-one basis. Click here to go to Jamaica Web site



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